Daily Dialogue

A Kind of Guise

Daily Dialogue was asked to tighten the identity of the Munich clothing brand A Kind of Guise through a full, yet subtile rebranding. Working closely with the label, we developed a comprehensive brand system – including new logo mark, labels, hangtags and typography system. A Kind of Guise was born from the idea of creating products that combine current design with highest demands to quality in terms of both production and the materials used. Based on our longstanding collaboration with the label, we carefully developed a visual identy that respects its own heritage and prepares A Kind of Guise for the upcoming seasons.

The original identity has been reworked in the form of new logotype and a huge variety of communications featuring referenced details inspired by AKOG’s international approach, which have been derived through an exploration of german tax and travel documents. The main focus lied on the emphasis that all products are exclusively made in Germany. We created multilingual indications of origin which developed into the key element of the new labels and hangtags. The new logotype was redrawn taking inspiration from modernist grotesk typefaces to give it a straight and contemporary feel. The newly chosen typeface combines traditional qualities with a technical approach and has been chosen for use across AKOG’s entire communications.







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