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Daily Dialogue is a Munich based design and consulting studio specialized in visual identities, editorial design and art direction

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Daily Dialogue was established by Maximilian Schachtner as a channel for creative outcome which developed itself to become a design studio as well as a platform for cultural projects. We work on commissioned design projects, support our clients with consultation services and initiate cultural projects like publications, talks and other events.

We develop bespoke design and strategic solutions for clients that are willing to work in close collaboration towards a common goal. Our work is based on a meticulous attention to detail and ideas to create holistic concepts. We are diametri­cally opposed to formulaic uninspired work. We take a linear approach to idea, concept and form, which provides a strong basis to develop concrete solutions. Fundamental to our success is our ability to develop a collaborative approach with our clients. One that is based on mutual trust and a clear line of communication.


A Kind of Guise
Akademie der Bildenden Künste München
Bayerischer Rundfunk
Klinikum rechts der Isar
Kunstverein München
Metropol Kunstraum
PLATEA Magazine
Place Mag
Technische Universität München


As a design and consulting studio, we support our customers with versatile design solutions based on innovative ideas.

Art Direction
By creating a strategic direction in a visual and conceptual way, we develop general as well as project-bound concepts for collections, magazines or campaigns and make effective suggestions for applying these concepts.

We offer strong skills in defining brands and developing ideas for their promotion– in a strategical and visual way. After determining the brands essence we create tailored corporate design solutions for our clients, creating a clear visual and strategical direction.

Editorial Design
We create overall conceptual visions for edited products such as magazines or other publishings. In doing so, our focus lies on the editorial choices as much as the visual impression. We develop the layout, edit and design content and support our clients during the process of production.

As consultants we support various projects by providing innovative ideas and solutions. We are able to grasp multiple perspectives to create novel approaches. Our ability to structure information, encourage unorthodox methods and employ a whole host of inventive design solutions enable us to inspire for new directions.


Daily Dialogue
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