Daily Dialogue

A Kind of Guise – Nagoya Carps

The Autumn Winter 2017/18 collection is inspired by the distinguished and dapper men of Japanese baseball. The well-crafted construction of vintage Japanese baseball kit with AKOG’s never-wavering commitment to high-quality materials and German manufacturing makes a perfect match for the new collection.

Special attention is payed to the label’s invitations to the showrooms in Paris and New York, which present an authentic yet playful teaser and approach to the collections theme. We developed five baseball cards as an invitation mailing which came in an stamped envelope.

For the baseball card pack we coproduced and photographed a small lookbook featuring the collections keypieces.
Photography by Yasar Ceviker & Maximilian Schachtner


Collection Artprints
In collaboration with Munich’s finest risography studio Herr & Frau Rio we developed a limited edition of art prints which are inspired by the unique roughness of japanese black and white photography.


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