Daily Dialogue


To create the visual appearance for the international modeling agency TIGERS, we payed special attention to the chinese heritage of its founder Yong Wang. Originating as far back as the 12th century, seal stamps are highly valued in eastern asia. They are used as signatures on artwork as well as a proof of legitimation. We were fascinated by the idea of creating an entire visual brand identity based on a physical object.

Originating from this idea a concept evolved, highlighting Wang’s eastern heritage without using clichés. Neon lights, omnipresent on the streets of Hong Kong, gave the inspiration for the key visual for TIGERS. A custom made light up sign was commissioned from a chinese manufacturer and could be used as a multi-functional signet.

© D. Ainsworth

Various applications

Having an object as key visual also gave the impulse to produce a corporate video, used as a intro for the agency’s website.

The agency’s website aims to give potential clients an easy access to the services of TIGERS. The site is focussed on a user-friendly approach to get an impression on the featured models and their portfolios. A handy feature is the PDF generator, via which the viewer can easily extract images from a models portfolio and create a personal moodboard that can be exported as a PDF.

A further characteristic element of the Agency’s identity is the distinctive font Koban. This font is a new interpretation of the classic Futura. Certain changes to the font created a modern and unique character, subtly underlining TIGERS as a traditional yet forward thinking agency in the modelling industry.

Typeface by Afrika


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