An identity based on a system of numbers Client: CAP Dept. Services:
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Identity
  • Merchandise
  • Stationary
Year: 2018

Daily Dialogue developed the identity of CAP Dept., a creative production company based in Madrid, Spain. Our goal was to create a system which represents each of their eight departments (Agency, Production, Studios, Lighting, Media, Gallery, Foundation and Hotel). The department 008 with its idea of a fictional hotel worked as a good starting point, where we imagined a hotel elevator with its numbers for each floor. This lead to the idea to define the identity by a flexible system of numbers. These numbers can be used to define spaces for example on stationary products or to illustrate content. CAP’s identity can be described as informal and sophisticated, not restricted by heavy guidelines and with a good sense of humor. As part of our identity work we developed a huge variety of applications from logo system to stationary and digital media to merchandise. In our ongoing collaboration we keep on designing products for special CAP productions and take care of their manufacturing.