Lunar identity for Rootine Client: Rootine Services:

    Creative Direction: Maximilian Schachtner Design: Raphael Wicki, Maximilian Schachtner

    Year: 2020

    ROOTINE is described as a “friendly, uplifting brand for discerning people” that provides a series of products created with the “highest quality and functional, natural design” in mind. Their offering is divided into three categories (JUICE), (7AM) and (UPGRADE), with each existing in dedication to “the continuous creation of a holistic, high-vibration lifestyle.” Tasked with uniting ROOTINE’s three distinctive subbrands within a singular visual identity Daily Dialogue has devised a functional yet elegant typographic system consisting of two contrasting typefaces. Alongside the typography we incorporated subtle moon shapes in reference to how ROOTINE’s juice products are harvested in-line with the Demeter system. It was important to create an identity that involves some spiritual moments dealing with nature and cosmos.

    For the wordmark and accompanying top-level messaging we chose the Medium weight of Konrad Bauer and Walter Baum’s classic Swiss sans serif Folio. It was a good starting point and worked well with its ‘R’ and ‘O’ for the wordmark. From there, we made small customisations to make it more modern and added characteristic glyphs like the brackets and numbers which are used in the logo system. Despite their subtlety in defining each of the three subbrands, the addition of brackets proves to be an intelligent solution in administering contrast with the wordmark. The accompanying serif, Ming, is used to define individual product names and generally provide visual opposition to the logo system.